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Ride for Lupus - In support of SickKids


Why the Purple Butterfly?

Ride For Lupus - Butterfly Rash The purple butterfly represents the rash most Lupus patients have, more often than not on their face. It is called the Butterfly rash, is purple and expands over the face from one cheek bone, over the bridge of the nose and over the other cheek bone, looking very much like a butterfly has landed on the face, hence the name, Butterfly rash. This is symbolic for all Lupus patients.
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SickKids Presentation

Ride For Lupus - Butterfly Rash On Friday May 31st, 2013, we presented Dr. Silverman with a cheque from Ride For Lupus in the amount of $4,427.35, (*we were given a last min extra cheque to bring our grand total to $5,107.35!) directly to the Pediatric Lupus Research Unit at the Hospital for Sick Kids, in support of the SickKids Foundation. Because of the increased number of deaths in
older women due to complications with Lupus and the cardiovascular system, they are currently focusing their research on Lupus and the cardiovascular system in kids, to see how this can be prevented from being a complication later in life. This directly affects me personally, and quite frankly, scares me silly. Dr. Silverman was my doctor when I was a patient at Sick Kids and once he told me that, I felt like I was a 14 year old kid, scared out of my mind and asked him to just fix it now please. He smiled, gave me a hug that made me cry on cue, and told me they're working on it as hard and as fast as they can.

Every single cent counts. Together, we'll fix this. THANK YOU to ALL who donated to this cause; you ARE making a difference. Much love to you all. ~Jenn
I thank you for your generosity, and look forward to the sound of revving engines and polished chrome, all for an excellent cause! See you at the Ride!

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